segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2007

Bem... eu fiz esse blog pra me distrair e tambem pq estou sem Word na minha maquina ^^! Muitas das coisas vao ser escritas em ingles...Because in English I can have a well great freedom! Being thus I have the absolute certainty of that few people go to read what I write and I use google translating to carry through this fact… not that I do not know to write in English but is that my English is not so good! Por isso eu vou escrever em ingles algumas coisas!

Yesterday it was one day in which I always dreamed… but when finally this day arrives is as if I was not there! I do not know very well to explain… lately I am asking many times “What I want”...I feel myself becoming vacant without route the times… is as if I did not have place pra to be!

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